Teachers & Staff

Teaching Staff

Email addresses for all BUSD employees: firstnamelastname (at) berkeley.net.

Denise Milner 6th English and History
Gloria Munuz-Hughes 6th Math and Science
Jeb Evans 6th English and History
Jim Pawlak 6th English and History
Kinjal Shah 6th Math
Robert MacCarthy 6th Math and Science
Ryan Chinn 6th Math and Science
Sharon Arthur 6th Math and Science & Publishing Elective
Tim Andrade 6th Math and Science
Elisabeth Mueller 7th and 8th English
Myong-Jae Kim 7th and 8th Science
Ben Jackson 7th Avid and 8th English
Classroom Website
Chloe Smith 7th English
Classroom Website
Susan Rafert 7th History and AVID
Tanja Zimmerman 7th History and Literacy Coach
Classroom Website
Robert Thomas 7th Math
Rosa Lee 7th Math
Homework Schedule
Zabed Monika 7th Science
John Fike 8th History and PE
Andrea Prichett 8th History and Read 180
Andrea Cummins 8th Math
Mirjana Draganic 8th Math
Deborah Lenz 8th Science
Evan Ho 8th Science
Roland Brown 6th Concert Band & Jazz Band
Alison Sawyer 7th & 8th Symphonic Band
Henry Viets 6th, 7th, 8th Orchestra
Nancy Funk Art
George Rose Drama and Growing Leaders
Paxton Griffin PE
David Perry PE
Kelley Schwartz PE
Patty Bonsall Read 180
Marian Malasig RTI
Melissa Corrigan Spanish, ALD, and History
Kate Elahi Speech Language Pathologist
Wendy Lu Special Education
Joseph Supple Special Education
Joel Turner Special Education
Dani Wilson Special Education
Nina Ackerberg Special Education
Robert Chamberlin Special Education