PowerSchool Parent Portal

Academics/PowerSchool Parent Portal

Q: How do I keep track of how my child is doing academically?
Answer: “PowerSchool” is the parent portal that gives online access to student records and is the first place to look (individual access information is provided by the school, and you can also contact Jennifer Antonuccio, the school counselor, via the main office. You should also regularly ask your child about how things are going academically, and lastly, you can e-mail your child’s teacher (firstnamelastname@berkeley.net).

Q: What if a grade on PowerSchool seems inaccurate or if there is a missing homework assignment or test?
Answer: Teacher of record is the only teacher who can legally change the grade, so start by contacting that teacher. If it’s determined that there is indeed a mistake, the teacher and administration will make the necessary changes. If assignments are missing, you should follow up with the teacher directly.

Q: What should I do if my child needs help with class work?
Answer: Teachers are available to support your child, so you or your child can advocate for some extra help. If the necessary help goes beyond the occasional teacher conversation, your child might need other supports and you should talk with the Academic Counselor, Jen Antonuccio (call via main office).

Q: What should I do if my child needs help with homework?
Answer: Encourage your child to get a study buddy (teachers can help with this). It is important for students to navigate the homework process on their own, so they don’t benefit from too much support.

Q: What if my child can’t complete his/her homework?
Answer: Homework should take approximately 1 – 1 1/2 hours per day, with possible spikes happening before grading period. When longer projects are involved, it is in the best interests of your sanity and the child’s emotional and academic well-being to plan ahead, so that the child is not overwhelmed at the end. If a nightly assignment is taking an unreasonable amount of time, your child may stop and you should sign that spot so that the teacher sees how long an assignment has taken. If this is a pattern, please contact the teacher so that all parties can address this issue.

Q: Do I need to keep all my child’s completed homework assignments?
Answer: It would be in your child’s best interest for you to keep completed assignments at least until the end of the grading period. Teachers are not always perfect and mistakes have occurred.

Q: How does the grading system work?
Answer: In each class, your student will receive two grades. 1) The first grade is for Standards-Based Performance (“SBP”) and is a measure of how well your child is understanding and retaining the subject matter (based on performance on tests, quizzes and other assessments designed by the teacher). 2) The second grade is for Habits of Work (“HOW”) and is a measure of how well your child is handling the responsibilities of being a student (based on getting to class on time, completing homework assignments on time, paying attention and participating in class). Each grade is scored on a scale of 1 to 4. Please see the September Willard Phoenix for more information.